Video Footage Reveals New Details of Paul Pelosi Attack During SF Hearing

Two of the targets named in court on Wednesday, Mr. Newsom and Hunter Biden, have been frequently criticized by conservatives, just as Ms. Pelosi has been.

As the case moves forward, Mr. DePape’s copious online writings, where he seemed to embrace the QAnon and Pizzagate conspiracy theories and made bigoted and sexist remarks, are likely to come under scrutiny as investigators seek to trace how he became radicalized.

Mr. DePape, a Canadian citizen who had been living in the United States illegally, has largely been estranged from family members, who in interviews described him as quiet and apolitical, and as someone who was obsessed with video games as a boy.

In recent years, though, the many hours he spent online playing video games appeared to be his gateway to the virulent right-wing conspiracy theories that have proliferated on the internet. According to his own writings, it was the online harassment campaign known as Gamergate that introduced him to the darker corners of the internet. Gamergate began in 2014 as a backlash against feminist critiques of the gaming industry but metastasized into death threats and misogynistic attacks.

“How did I get into all this,” Mr. DePape wrote in one passage on his blog. “Gamer Gate it was gamer gate.”

By the time he moved to the San Francisco Bay Area in his 20s, Mr. DePape was in a relationship with Oxane Taub, a locally famous activist who made headlines for protesting in the nude and is now in prison for attempting to abduct a 14-year-old boy in 2018. The couple had two children, and Mr. DePape appeared to live the life of a Bay Area radical — experimenting with psychedelics, protesting against the Iraq War and selling hemp bracelets for extra money. He once registered as a member of the Green Party in San Francisco after attesting to being eligible to vote.

In 2015, after breaking up with Ms. Taub and becoming estranged from his own children, Mr. DePape lived for a time in a park in Berkeley, Calif. He eventually found carpentry work, and later a roof over his head at a garage apartment in Richmond, Calif. After the attack, investigators searched the place and found two hammers, a sword and a pair of rubber gloves.

Notably absent as a witness on Wednesday was Mr. Pelosi himself. If the case goes to trial, Mr. Pelosi would almost certainly be called to the stand by the prosecution.

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